Highclere Properties has carried out commercial and residential property valuations for Sagicor Life Inc for the past ten years.

They have have also consulted to Sagicor on a variety of property related and construction matters during the course of the relationship.

We find Mr. Harrison to be knowledgeable, cooperative and hard working and he delivers excellent service.

We are satisfied that he and his company will be an asset to any organization or project in the property and construction industry, and in this regard we recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.

SAGICOR LIFE INC - Dr Patricia Downes-Grant - President & CEO

I have known Mr. Kevin Harrison for the past 21 years. He always demonstrated qualities of leadership and responsibility and all through the years those qualities have remained as part of his personality.

Mr. Harrison has a strong analytical approach and deals with matters, confidently, a trait not seen in many people.

I believe that he will be an asset to any organization and therefore recommend him fully.

Ronald Skeete - Architect